Strong shock in Silesia. It shook homes and blocks

The shock took place around 13.00 hours in the vicinity of the excavation, 900 meters below the ground. It was reported that the shock had energy corresponding to about 3 degrees on the Richter scale.

After the shock, one of the miners reported minor injuries. Others working in this area were withdrawn from the threatened area. Work in this place has been stopped. – Miners were withdrawn to the wall. One of them was slightly injured. He went to the surface with his own power. The doctor is currently examining him. Representatives of the State Authority, who will investigate the cause of the shock, must appear in the mine – says Tomasz Głogowski, spokesperson for Polska Grupa Górnicza.

As reported, the residents of various districts of Katowice – the center, Burowiec, Koszutki, Panewnik or ox. Paderewski.

Shaking is a natural phenomenon, the most common reason being the relaxation of the rock mass as a result of the exploitation of coal. This results in the release of energy.

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