Survey. PiS with an independent majority, the Biedron party in the Sejm

The IPSOS poll of 17-19 August 2018 indicates that if the Poles went to the poll on August 20, the parliamentary elections would be won by PiS. The current government party has indicated 41 percent. respondents. A study commissioned by shows that in the Sejm with the support of 20%. there would also be a Civic Platform. 8 percent stated that the respondents voted for the Kukiz & # 39; 15 movement. and 6 percent on SLD and PSL.

Biedron in the Sejm

The study took into account the start of the election of the hypothetical group Robert Biedroń. Although the politician has not officially announced his plans for the future, it has long been speculated that President Slupska will form a party and I will love Poland & # 39; will call. If it really happened, the Biedronia group would receive 5 percent. vote and would go to the Sejm., while analyzing the results of the survey, draws attention to two issues. First, if the research were to be reflected in reality, PiS would achieve an independent majority. Secondly, Robert Biedroń would have a worse result in the parliamentary elections than in the presidential elections. In several investigations conducted so far, President Słupska was chosen as the third most important candidate for the post of head of state. In the research he lost to Andrzej Duda and Donald Tusk.

"The decision will be difficult"

Recall on August 14, Robert Biedroń pointed out that he had two months left until the end of Slupsk's tenure. – I would rather say what has changed in Slupsk during the transitional period. Nevertheless, it is true that the fate of my homeland is not indifferent to me – Robert Biedroń admitted. – I also said that I am waiting and I will gladly support an open, pro-European project, which many Poles are waiting for – he added.

However, the politician has not made a clear statement as to whether he would be at the forefront of the new movement. He also did not confirm his start with the local elections, which will take place on October 21st. – For me, difficult choices, I certainly can not stand passively. The decision will be difficult. I love Słupsk, it is my city. I owe much to this city and its inhabitants, he explained. He also pointed out that "Słupsk is a part of Poland and just like in Poland it will be bad, it will be bad in Słupsk".

Biedron announced that the decision to request the seat of President Slupsk will be announced in the coming weeks. On 13 August, Gazeta Wyborcza announced that it would not apply for the presidency in Slupsk, and this year it will announce the start of its national project. For example, the statements made by the politician in the interview for "Wprost" would become reality. – I have to reconsider my strategy. There is a bad situation in Polish politics, it can mobilize to create a movement that will change Polish politics – he announced in July in an interview with "Wprost".

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