Szydło: It is not necessary to change 500+

"At the moment, I see no need to change the" Family 500 plus "program, it has a good and positive influence on the financial situation of Polish families," Deputy Prime Minister Beata Szydło told PAP. As she added, the program is also the driving force behind the Polish economy & # 39; become.

Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers recognized that from time to time a discussion about changes in the "Family 500 plus" program is returning. She stressed that the program is working well and the government is not planning to change it.

"The program is working well and has fulfilled its task, so that more than PLN 20 billion goes to Polish families every year, I do not see any changes at the moment," Szydło said.

She added that – when analyzing the functioning of social programs – account should be taken of "the possibilities of the state budget". "The money for already implemented programs is guaranteed in the draft budget for next year, so next year there will be no changes in the 500 plus and in Good start" – noted the deputy prime minister.

She stressed that the program, which is a & # 39; symbol of the government & # 39; became a positive influence on the financial situation of Polish families. "This year's holiday showed that many Polish families could afford to travel with children, this is proof that this program works, that the financial situation of Polish families has improved, that poverty among children has virtually disappeared." We have restored the dignity of thousands of families "- she said.

According to Szydło, the "500 plus" program has also become the "driving force behind the Polish economy". "Thanks to him also our economic situation, public finances have improved significantly" – stressed the deputy prime minister.

She admitted that it is too early to talk about the impact of the "500 plus" on the demographic situation. "Comparing the data from this year and last year with statistics from previous years provides optimism, but we'll see if this trend will be maintained," she said.

Szydło also referred to critical opinions about the impact of the "500 plus" program on the professional activity of women. According to her, it should be considered whether too low an activity of women on the labor market is not caused by low income.

"Speaking of this problem, many journalists or analysts look at the world from the perspective of Warsaw and other big cities, but we have to look through the regions that have not developed so dynamically, and that's a big part of that. Poland, where income, especially women, is very high, therefore the monthly salary of a hard-working mother of three or four children is comparable, and sometimes lower than the benefits of 500. We should be surprised that such a mother would prefer indicates raising children, which does not mean you can work more easily? wages in Poland "- said the deputy prime minister.

She added that appropriate conditions should also be created so that women can combine the education of children with work.

"Let's look for such opportunities to create more daycare centers, create more kindergartens so that women can work in a more flexible mode." This is a challenge within the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers we are considering actions to make it easier to combine education for children with work Prosocial programs that have already been implemented and announced by the Government of Law and Justice, should serve this purpose, "she said.

Karolina Kropiwiec, Paweł Żebrowski

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