Teachers from the municipality of September are rewarded on the day of the national training

The national education day has traditionally been an opportunity to distinguish distinguishing teachers and employees from education. It is no different in the municipality of Września.

The ceremony took place on Friday 12 October in the Września Cultural Center. Retired and professionally active teachers were invited to dinner; each guest received a rose at the entrance.

During the ceremony, the mayor Tomasz Kałużny he presented prizes and congratulatory letters to teachers of institutions in the municipality of Września. In addition, people who received the Awards from the Wielkopolska Superintendent of Education, the Award of the National Education Commission and the Medal of the National Education Commission were read from the stage.

Young dancers from the Alchemia dance school provided the artistic part: Basia Świdurska. Kinga Żuczek. Marta Stasiak and Anna Kaminieckaas well as students from the Local Government School in Otoczna. The execution has been prepared Aleksandra Attenbergand the musical setting – Szymon Szafraniak. They were the leader of the party Szymon Krajniak and Dawid "Dual" baptism.

The honors of the mayor of the city and the municipality of Września were awarded to:

* Magdalena Kaczmarek (kindergarten No. 6 "Pszczółka Maja" in Września)

* Izabela Brzóstowicz (SSP No. 1 in Września)

* Anna Przydryga-Mikołajczak (SSP No. 2 in Września)

* Izabela Nowakowska (SSP No. 2 in Września)

* Lidia Szymańska (SSP No. 3 in Września)

* Przemysław Motyl (SSP No. 6 in Września)

* Arkadiusz Lewandowski (SSP No. 6 in Września)

* Iwona Cieślińska (SSP in Chwalibogów)

* Agata Przybysz (SSP in Kaczanów)

* Anna Pardela (SSP in Marzenine)

* Angelika Pelczyńska (SSP in Nowy Folwark)

* Halina Kotyk (director of SSP No. 3 in Września)

* Zbigniew Przytarski (director of the SSP in Kaczanów)

* Dariusz Szykowny (SSP director in Otoczna)

* Violetta Koszarek (Director of SSP No. 2 in Września)

The Wielkopolska School Superintendent & # 39; s Awards 2018 receive:

* Renata Król (SSP No. 6 in Wrzesnia)

* Hanna Lisiak-Góźdź (SSP No. 3 in Września)

* Michał Łechtański (SSP in Chwalibogów)

The prize of the National Education Committee went to:

* Grażyna Jakubowska (SSP No. 3 in Września)

Medal from the National Education Committee received:

* Ewa Drobiec (SSP No. 3 in Września)

Congratulatory letters for the directors of educational institutions who report to the Września-municipality receive:

* Sławomir Czarnecka (SSP in Nowy Folwark)

* Mariola Jędrzejewska (SSP in Marzenin)

* Dariusz Andrzejewski (SSP No. 6 in Września)

* Grzegorz Trocha (SSP in Chwalibogów)

* Zbigniew Dzierżyński (SSP No. 1 in Września)

* Wiesława Filipiak (kindergarten nr. 6 "Pszczółka Maja" in Września)

Receiving congratulatory letters from representatives of non-public educational institutions:

* Krystyna Czachor (SP Collegium Artes in Września)

* Izabela Gościniak (non-public kindergarten "Smurfs" in Osowa)

* Donata Hedrych (non-public kindergarten "Miś Uszatek" in Września)

* Weronika Hedrych-Ignaszak (non-public kindergarten "Chatka Misia Uszatka" in Września)

* Iwona Hoffman (non-public kindergarten "Mali Przyrodnicy" in Września)

* Barbara Jankiewicz (non-public kindergarten "Polne Kwiatki" in Gutów Mały)

* Justyna Jastrzębska (School and Pre-School Complex "Tęczowa Chatka" in Września)

* Katarzyna Jóźwiak (non-public kindergarten "Kubuś" in Kaczanów)

* Ewa Kaźmierczak (Language and Ecological Kindergarten "Mali Odkrywcy" in Kaczanów)

* Karolina Marchwiak-Walczak (non-public special kindergarten "Magiczny Zakątek" in Września)

* Marta Nowak (non-public kindergarten "Leśny Dzwoneczek" in Polish Psary)

* Wojciech Sikora (private kindergarten "Careful Bears" in Września)

* Agnieszka Skweres-Płocka (non-public kindergarten "Bajka" in Września)

* Barbara Szewczyk (non-public kindergarten "Słoneczko" in Września)

* Mariola Zalepa (School Complex in Grzybów)

Congratulatory letters for representatives of trade unions that associate teachers receive:

* Jolanta Mielczarek, president of NSZZ "Solidarność" of the Inter-Enterprise Commission of Education Workers of the Września Poviat

* Janusz Czyż, chairman of the board of the Polish teachers' union in Września

* Zdzisława Kasprzyk, President of the Teachers & # 39; Union of the Polish Pensioners & # 39; Section

The congratulatory letter for the representative of the Board of Education has received:

* Arleta Nowak, senior visitator of the Board of Education in Września

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