The 19-year-old burned his 36-year-old partner. She was so afraid that she did not go to the doctor

The event took place on August 9 in a detached house in a small village in the municipality Aleksandrów in £ ódzki. Around mid-morning, a drunken 19-year-old began to bend over his 36-year-old partner.

£ ódzkie: a detention center for a 19-year-old who abused his partner

The perpetrator hit and kicked a woman all over her body. Finally he pulled his hair back into the garden, put the upper part of the body on the gasoline and threw it with an edge.

According to the city police headquarters in Piotrków Trybunalski, the intimidated 36-year-old has not informed the law enforcement agencies or went to the doctor. The issue came to light only two weeks later. Initially the woman changed the version of the events several times.

"Protected evidence, traces and last testimony of the victim, as well as the opinion of a doctor gave a real picture of the crime" – we read on the website of the police of Piotrkow.

On 22 August, police officers entered the 19-year-old premises and arrested the perpetrator. The man heard the accusation of an attempted murder with particular cruelty. The court asked a suspect of three months to the defendant at the request of the prosecutor in Opoczno.

Men are punished for life with no less than 12 years of imprisonment.

They did not respond to violence, they got a hamburger after passing

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