The 38-year-old Pool drank a liter of vodka and wanted to open the door of the plane

The shameful spectacle took place in June. The 38-year-old Andrzej P., a forklift driver, returned from a visit to Birmingham to Poland, where he works every day. The man claims that he is afraid to fly, so to encourage himself he bought a liter bottle of vodka at Warsaw airport. Half empty before boarding, and the rest he drank in the plane in the toilet. It is surprising that he could remain standing after this amount of alcohol. And yet!

Andrzej P. could not sit on the spot and began to walk between the chairs and catch passengers. The crew of the plane unsuccessfully drew his attention. However, this is not everything. When the machine was about to land, the 38-year-old pulled out his hand luggage and walked to the door, trying to open it at any cost. He was fastened to the chair with straps.

A stubborn passenger, as soon as he was sober, had to explain himself to English researchers from his proverb. His disadvantage was witnessed by both travelers who were full of "attractions" by the cruise and by the crew of the plane. They agreed that there was a clear smell of alcohol from the Pool, and the behavior made the flight uncomfortable for everyone. The court in England sentenced Andrzej P. to a fine. He has to pay 640 pounds. The British media also wrote about the issue, which unfortunately is not a good showcase for our fellow countrymen abroad.

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Author: MŁ, Gazeta Wyborcza

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