The capitalist behavior of Neymar towards the little boy who appeared on the field

During the Saturday match of PSG with Nimes, a boy of several years burst into the grass and ran to Neymar. The Brazilian took him in his arms, embraced him and instead of giving him back to the bodyguards, he handed it to his family. In addition, the former player from Barcelona gave the boy his shirt.

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Since the world championship in Russia, most fans mocked Neymar, who often fell for whatever reason, try to force a violation. But Paris Saint-Germain fans appreciate the 26-year-old football skills.

During the Saturday match of the 4th French queue of the Ligue 1, where PSG from Nimes played, there was an unusual situation. A few-year-old boy appeared on the field who exceeded the rules and wanted to reach his idol. Neymar who saw this, took the child in his arms and gave it to his parents. Moreover, the Brazilian gave him his shirt.


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