The CBA held two people, it had to corrupt Paweł Adamowicz. "It is no coincidence" politics

Two people were detained by the Central Anti-Corruption Agency in connection with corruption, which would have been committed against President Gdañska, Paweł Adamowicz, RMF FM.

It is unofficially known that the case is related to the purchase by Pawel Adamowicz of three apartments in one of the residential areas at a lower price. The detainees are the representatives of the developer. Businessmen heard allegations of so-called active corruption of considerable value. Researchers do not announce how much bribery can be afforded.

Pawe³ Adamowicz: It warms the pork chops

President Gdañska Paweł Adamowicz said in a commentary on Facebook that the issue of "suspected corruption & # 39; had already been investigated by the prosecution and that the procedure was stopped a few years ago.

"Now, after three years of redemption, the prosecutor's office, depending on the Minister of Justice, drew other conclusions, so whether it was the so-called re-heating of pork chops to discredit me … I did not accept any benefit from anyone I have nobody offered such benefits ", emphasized Adamowicz.

"I can not resist the temptation that the prosecution's activity is not coincidental and can have a very close relationship with the upcoming local elections, where, as you know, I intend to apply for the presidency of Gdańsk again, but I believe that regardless of the actions of the Prosecutor's Office, Gdansk will evaluate my performance in an objective manner and take an independent decision that will be best for Gdańsk "- added the President city.

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