The church is afraid of processes for damage

Nina Sankari of the atheist Fundacja im. Kazimierz £ yszczyñski, who organized the "Baby Shoes Remember" campaign, assessed it as very successful.

– There was no violence, no struggle. We insisted that a character like that in Ireland would be preserved (there 8 years ago, the action was initiated – note ed.). Quiet, dignified, without speeches, without the possibility to use it politically. The idea was to get the imagination of people through strong and unambiguous symbolism. And it worked very well. The scale of protest exceeded our expectations. More than 50 cities participated in it – said in TOK FM.

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According to Dr. Sebastian Duda of the Wiê¼ publishing house, this action is a step towards improving the situation of the victims of the prince.

– The more attention we pay to this problem in Poland, the more we can help the victims – he estimated.

Alliance of the throne and the altar

The organizers of & # 39; Baby Shoes Remember & # 39; emphasize that the church is currently protecting the perpetrators, rather than the victims, and the state is helping him.

– If the child is used by a teacher, for example, it is sufficient to report this to the public prosecutor. In case a book is used, notification from law enforcement agencies is not sufficient. A citizen is not treated in the same way as I have a problem with the church, instead of being treated in a dispute with another institution. The state protects the church. The authority of the church is not a moral authority, it is based on an alliance with the state – argued Sankari.

The leading programmer, Agata Kowalska, asked what threatens the Polish Church if she would openly discuss the rape of the children committed by the priests.

– Because it does not lose moral authority, because it loses it, but is afraid of what happened in Boston. So Sankari said that the enormous damage that the bankruptcy of the diocese could imply.

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