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I am 100% convinced that Poland must be reinvented – he said in "Do Rzeczy" Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin. – It is sufficient to see the extent of the conflicts and the fundamental political divide in the fact that no matter who rules, a significant part of society does not feel that power represents its interests. This should lead us to work more intensively on the radical renewal of public life, which must be crowned with a new constitution.

Gowin further argues that the basic law can be changed in two situations: a broad social consensus or deep crisis. – For the time being we are approaching this second possibility, whereby the exit of the political closure will no longer be possible via another route – he assessed.

A step towards the destruction of the European Union

The Deputy Prime Minister also stated that the judges of the Supreme Court had the right to ask preliminary question before the European Court of Justice, but without any legal and constitutional reason, they tried to suspend the validity of the law, which the Constitutional Court did not question. – This is a dramatic moment – he stressed. – like ECJ sets a precedent and penalizes the suspension of the law by the Supreme Court, our government will probably have no choice but to lead to a second precedent, i.e. ignore the decision CJEU as opposed to the Lisbon Treaty and the whole spirit of European integration. I say this with regret as an advocate of integration. This will be the first step towards destruction of the EU. And it will not be done by the Polish government, but by the EU Court of Justice.

Stupidity and political deafness

Deputy Prime Minister Gowin was also asked if he wanted to register under the postulate of Rafał Trzaskowski, a candidate for the President of Warsaw, for a solution National Radical Camp. Trzaskowski recently approached the public prosecutor on this issue Zbigniew Ziobro.

Rafał Trzaskowski is mine a big disappointment politics – replied the deputy prime minister. For a long time he thought he was one of the most talented politicians of the middle generation. However, the campaign did not reveal a deeper vision of public life as a whole or an idea for Warsaw. – If the ONR takes the ashes of the struggle for victory in the local government elections of the subject of delegation, it means that it is not suitable for the President of Warsaw.

He added that a large part of the opposition definitely wants to reduce everything to the fight against fascism and Nazism, only that it is a completely empty discussion. – The opposition would have much more support today if it criticized us in essencefor example, she suggested better family support solutions or economy – Gowin said. When asked about the opposition's allegations that "the police behave like ZOMO, and the parade on the occasion of the Polish Day of the army is pompous and can not be dealt with," he replied: The behavior of Rafał Trzaskowski, who displayed messages at the fair during the parade, is an expression of stupidity and complete political deafness.

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