The oldest drawing made by Homo sapiens was discovered. Comes from 73 thousand years!

The oldest drawing made by Homo Sapiens

A "work" would be easy to miss – only three red lines cut the six lines drawn on a piece of a silica conglomerate. doctor Luca Pollarolothe person who made the discovery admits that he was not entirely sure that the lines are not only the natural color of the fragments of the rock to be investigated. Careful observation using, among others optical electron microscope, but all doubts clarified.

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The find is the oldest drawing made by Homo sapiens – occurs 73 thousand years! This means that he is over 30,000. years after the paintings we have known so far.

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The results of research on the drawing are published on the pages Nature.

Drawing found in South Africa

The discoveries have been made in Cave Blombos in South Africa, where excavations have been carried out since 1991. The discovery will allow us to learn more about our protoplasts. According to the leading archaeologists, professor Christopher Henschilwoodalthough we do not know so much about Homo sapiens, the fact that they were able to draw something is an absolute novelty. "We had no idea that they had mastered this skill at this stage, which sheds new light on the pace of their development." Before this discovery, archaeologists were convinced that the first deliberately draped symbols appeared in Europe about 40,000 years ago when they arrived Homo sapiens. Recent research in Africa, Europe and Asia, where our team often participates, indicates that the symbols should appear much earlier, "he added, adding that this is also the first drawing of this form – according to the researchers, the abstract geometric pattern that his author belonged to a group that could use symbols.

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