The PiS candidate for the Children's Ombudsman rejects plagiarism accusations

Candidate for the Children's Ombudsman Sabina Zalewska, supported by PiS, raises controversy. It is not only about the way to approach children, but also about the alleged plagiarism of which they were accused. In her statement she emphasized that the claim was not justified and that the & # 39; manipulated material & # 39; her decision to work for the job would not change. Material of the magazine "Poland and the world".

Marek Michalak has been fighting for the rights of children for ten years. His term expires on Monday.

Under the Law on the RPD, the spokesperson is appointed by the Sejm with the consent of the Senate, at the request of the president of the Sejm, the president of the senate, a group of at least 35 delegates or at least 15 senators.

Of the three candidates for the job, Sabina Zalewska is proposed by PiS. "Tygodnik Powszechny" reports that it has committed plagiarism in at least several scientific articles.

According to the weekly, a large part of the text "between the rights of the child and the Pajdokracja" coincides with the publication that Wanda Papugowa published on the internet.

In the article "Economic Children's University as an example of continuing education for children and their parents", the teacher of ethics didactics at CSWU would include a fragment of the article of the website, which students and students usually download.

In the article "Parent in the role of mediator" 10 page's text should contain 10 pages of plagiarism from three other works.

Zalewska: the means is not justified

Sabina Zalewska referred to the article by "Tygodnik Powszechny" and claimed that plagiarism was not justified.

In the statement to PAP, Zalewska indicated that "the author of the article formulates accusations based on the sketches on the website, on the basis of which scientific articles have been printed in permanent sources, ie scientific journals and collective works".

She informed that "the final versions of the articles that were questioned, which appeared in the above-mentioned sources, are not identical with the sketches on the site, which may contain editorial errors".

"All articles published in the journals were reviewed by editorial teams composed of scientific authorities in a particular area, while collective works were subject to a preliminary review by internal evaluators of a particular publisher," Zalewska wrote.

"Anna Golus compared the articles she interviewed for online publications, which were in turn based on the same printed publications, to which I refer in my articles, in which the required quotes in scientific publications are given relevant footnotes" – she added. "There is no justification for plagiarism in this case," she wrote.

He will not change his decision

Sabina Lucyna Zalewska reported that the office of the current Children's Ombudsman informed her that there was a group that collected material to discredit her in the context of her candidacy for RPD.

"I vigorously state that the previous, current and possibly subsequent manipulated material that may appear on my subject in public space will not change my decision to walk to the position of the Ombudsman for Children," she emphasized.

"PiS must withdraw his candidacy"

– She must absolutely withdraw. In light of this information, which appears in the media, Law and Justice must immediately withdraw this candidacy – Monika Wielichowska of Platforma Obywatelska believes.

Articles from Sabina Zalewska are also controversial among people who deal with children's rights.

The UKSW employee refers, among other things, to who is responsible for domestic violence.

"(…) causes of violence within the family are very different, they can be in the children themselves, for example unwanted, disabled, difficult, chronically ill or crippled children, but the reasons underlying parents are more common "- reads a fragment of the Zalewska article.

The task of the Ombudsman for Children is, among other things, special care for handicapped children who have a difficult start in life. It is to offer children development with respect for dignity and subjectivity.

– I am surprised that in the civilized 21st century someone who has some scientific achievements dares to say that you can, for example, beat children, that beating is an acceptable method of education – says Mirosława Kątna of the Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights.

Other candidates

The candidacy of MP PO, Nowoczesna and the PSL-UED club is a dedicated doctor Ewa Jarosz – social adviser to the current Ombudsman. With Marek Michalak she wrote a report about hitting children in Poland.

The third candidate – supported by non-attached MPs and Kukiz & # 39; 15 – is pediatrician and child psychiatrist, Paweł Kukiz & # 39; s cousin Paweł Kukiz-Szczuciński. Only he agreed to tell me personally what he would like to treat as a spokesman.

He pointed to the problem of anti-vaccination movements, which – as he adds – pose a huge threat to children, including adults, quacks and pedophilia.

The new Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child is likely to vote in September.

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Source: TVN24, PAP

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