The police officers recovered a dozen historical monuments

Western Pomeranian policemen have found several historic nineteenth-century signposts stolen from the Myślborski poviat area. A total of 18 monuments were secured. They were set up as decorations on three properties.

The police in August 2018 informed the police about the cases of theft by the provincial curator of monuments in Szczecin. The coordinator for monuments of the headquarters of the provincial police in Szczecin, in gathering information, found a trail that led to two cities in the Myślbork poviat.

– Policemen from the police station in Dębno, the Prevention department of the Military Police headquarters in Szczecin, and an inspector from the provincial office of monument conservation in Szczecin found stolen granite signposts – he says. Marek Łuczak of the police of West Pomerania. – They served the residents as elements of the decor of courtyards and house gardens on three properties in two cities in the municipality of Dębno.

A total of 18 historic signposts were found, which used to be located at road crossings. There are still readable inscriptions with German place names and dates from the middle of the 19th century. There was also a monument dedicated to the memory of the forester E. Schmidt (1855-1898).

These monuments were left to the owners of the property because the weight of each rock varied from 500 kilograms to 1 ton.

The old signposts and monuments in the woods are owned by the Treasury and remain under the protection of the provincial curator.

– These monuments are an important element in the history of the region, hence their theft is punishable by imprisonment of up to 5 years – underlines the podkom. Luczak.

After completion of the legal proceedings, the place of relocation of monuments will be determined by conservation services.

Author: MAK / gp
Source: TVN 24 Pomeranian

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