The police wants a fine for Władysław Frasyniuk. This is false data

KWładysław Frasyniuk flaps with law enforcement agencies. This time the police are asking for a fine of a thousand zloty. And the point is to provide false personal information when the former oppositionist was legitimized by officers.

It is about the situation of Smolensk's counter-manifestation on 10 June 2017, when dozens of people, including Władysław Frasyniuk, were sitting on the street in Krakowskie Przedmieście, and so the participants tried to stop the presidential palace.

The policemen had protesting people. When asked about the name and first name, Władysław Frasyniuk had to answer: "Jan Józef Grzyb". In connection with this, Frasyniuk was accused of a violation of deliberately misleading an officer about the identity of his own person.

According to the police, every citizen is equal before the law, and the behavior of Frasyniuk was "unacceptable and unacceptable" and indicated that he was ignoring the officers.

According to Defender Frasyniuk, Piotr Schramm, the police were not misled because they "knew who they were dealing with", and Frasyniuk finally gave them his real data. – Formalism can not exceed the limit of ridicule – said the defender at the last hearing. The decision of the court in this case will be taken on 30 August.

Remember that the District Prosecutor in Warsaw filed a complaint against Frasyniuk in June concerning the violation of the physical integrity of two police officers, which would also take place on June 10th. For this Frasyniuk is in prison for three years.

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