The priest from Szczucin refused to say a mass for Iwona Cygan?

Residents of Szczucin wanted to commemorate the memory of Iwona Cygan on the 20th anniversary of her death by celebrating Mass in her intention. As they say, the parish priest of Saint. Mary Magdalene would refuse the believers and claim that there is too much discipline in the media in Szczucin and that this damages the parish. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, when the faithful tried to find out more about this issue, they were informed by one of the priests that the mass was being held, but because of the new requirements of the GDPR no more information can be provided. The priest also added that the parish could refuse to celebrate the service, because the parishioners only came forward two weeks earlier, there is also a holiday season and there are no priests. However, the Mass for Iwona takes place every year at the request of the family and was ordered half a year earlier. However, this service takes place in the neighboring parish.

Murder of Iwona Cygan

The tragedy took place in the evening of August 13, 1998. The 17-year-old Iwona Cygan went to meet her friend. The girls went to a nearby pub, where they left around 9:00 PM and then went near the market. The next day the corpse of Iwona was found near the tidal bank, not far from her house in Łęce Szczucińska in the province. Lesser. The 17-year-old body was slaughtered and the autopsy showed that the girl was strangled. The experts decided that the attacker tied her and then hit them with the help of the rails. Eventually he strangled his victim and clutched the wire around her neck.

Despite the indication of the prize, the event agent could not be recorded. In 2008 the case went to the experts from the Krakow Archives X. In 2012 the investigation was terminated again, but after two years it was decided to resume the procedure. At the end of February 2017, the case was handed over to the prosecution in Krakow. In May last year, accusations of the murder of Iwona Cygan Pawłek K. were presented. The suspect's father was also accused of complicity.

The policeman gave the sentence voluntarily

In this case she also heard Renata G.-D. – friend of the murdered Iwona Cygan. The public prosecutor accused her of four crimes with false statements. In total, the accusations were submitted to 18 suspects. On Wednesday, July 19, 2017, the Public Prosecutor of the Małopolska headquarters of the Department of organized crime and corruption of the prosecution in Krakow submitted an application for preventive measures in the form of temporary detention for a period of three months against eight suspects former and current police officers. The Public Prosecutor accused them of misuse of rights or non-performance of duties to obtain financial benefits and to impede criminal proceedings.

One of the police officers voluntarily surrendered to the punishment agreed with the public prosecutor. The court in Dąbrowa Tarnowska has granted this request and sentenced him to 11 months imprisonment with conditional suspension of his execution for a trial period of two years and a fine of PLN 3 thousand.

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