The priest refused masses for Iwona Cygan 20 years after his death. By "nagonkę" about the city

17-year-old Iwona Cygan left her home in Szczucin on August 13, 1998 to meet a friend. The next day she was found dead by the shafts. The autopsy showed strangulation, although the perpetrators tried to simulate sexual abuse.

A dozen accused after 20 years

The investigation in this case was stopped because of the inability to detect the offender. After almost twenty years, police officers from the X Archives succeeded in breaking the collusion between the murderers. In June, a trial started against 17 people suspected of involvement in the murder.

Accused of murder Pawe³ K., who was taken from Austria for co-responsibility – was his father. On the other hand, Iwona's colleague was asked to make a false testimony, and 14 local policemen were accused of abusing rights, disabling official duties, and obstructing research to obtain material benefits.

The priest refused to pray for Iwona Gypsy

On the twentieth anniversary of the death of a young girl, the Iwona residents wanted to commemorate the gypsy priest for her intention. However, this had to be refused by a parish priest of the parish St. Mary Magdalene. "He said that now there is too big a campaign for Szczucin, articles appear in the newspapers and that is harmful to the parish" – described the residents of the city of Krakow "Gazeta Wyborcza".

Journalists have contacted the parish. There they heard that the mass had taken place, but the priest who picked up the telephone did not want to say when he was dealing with the ROPE. He did not give his name for the same reason. He explained, however, that the parish could refuse because the residents of Szczucin had reported only two weeks earlier. However, the Mass for Iwona takes place every year at the request of the family and is ordered half a year earlier.

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