The PSL campaign against Morawiecki and PiS

The opposition starts to fall from the morning. About the 9th PSL released on the web clip "Mateuszek Lamyusz" scored untruth in the Prime Minister's speeches on the PSL.

Ludovists attack him, among other things, that he accused them of privatizing farms, although the largest companies, such as Hortex, had been privatized for AWS. The most painful lie of the head of government is the granting of PiS earnings for the introduction of the so-called "Kosher" or maternity allowance for women working in rural areas. Indeed, Morawiecki praises that the PiS "paid 1000 zloty for women in agriculture every month", the facts are that it was the idea of ​​the Polish People's Party.

Law and Justice in municipal elections devotes much more time to attacks on the PSL than ever before. All because the ruling party wants to take over at least part of the 21 percent. votes that won the PSL at the previous municipal elections. Then the Ludowians achieved a spectacular success, the sources of which some people saw in the rewarding election committee with the number 1 electoral card, which was given in the draw to the PSL.

– Minister Ardanowski, who is Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, and perhaps the Minister for PSL in fact. He deals more with my party than with the Polish countryside and agriculture. It is more common in television studios than in rural areas. I recently visited Lesser Poland, Greater Poland, Kujawy, Pomerania, Warmia-Masuria and Podlasie. The minister is a storyteller. We had a sleeping head before. Now there is a storyteller – said the president of the Polish People's Party, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, in "Facts after facts" on TVN24.

The Civic Platform joined the PSL attack in the same way. The combination of Morawiecki & # 39; s name with deceit and lies seems to be the main motive of the campaign against PiS governments.

After the PiS convention, which will close the Prime Minister's speech in the field, Morawiecki President of the PSL, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, will give an answer to Morawiecki.

– It is our tactic to set Prime Minister on fire – say the leaders of the PSL campaign. In the meantime, the platform is preparing an offensive on the web. On Twitter is one of the most popular passwords PO # PiSwząłMiliony. Will this attack dismiss Morawiecki before an important speech?

Statement by the editor-in-chief of Fakt regarding the publication of the son of Prime Minister Leszek Miller

Author: Radosław Gruca

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