The public prosecutor will not deal with billboards that influence the image of Father Tadeusz Rydzyk

The father of Rydzyk counted on the persecution of the authors of the campaign, with the help of, among other things, his image. The initiators of the campaign were the politicians of the Civic Platform and the consequences of their invention were shown everywhere in Poland. It is about billboards with the inscription "Tadeusz Rydzyk has a subsidy of PLN 94 million". The authors also added a famous quote with the words of former Prime Minister Beata Szydło: "This money was just theirs". From law enforcement, however, as Nasz informs Dziennik, thread!

Because it was easy to predict, the campaign found no understanding in the ranks of listeners of Radio Maryja. Those in the power of 30 thousand persons referred to the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro about the possibility to commit a crime. Everything for nothing. On 13 August, the District Public Prosecutor Toruń Centrum-Zachód decided that there was no public interest in following billboards allegedly beating Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, the director of Radio Maryja. The reaction of the interested person was easy to predict and how did people in the church react to this?

– The presence of the truth in public life is a matter of public interest. If the state and justice do not care, it will be bad for society. You can not dodge and free yourself from this mission under the pillory of political correctness. Democracy is not about lying lies – absolutely Bishop Ignacy Dec, Ordinary of Świdnica, absolutely made a statement for our diary.

However, the housing has a second bottom. He was announced by the Public Prosecutor Toruń Center-Zachód Bartosz Wieczorek. – (…) The injured party (Father Rydzyk – editor's note) did not report any crime – the official stated in an interview with the newspaper. Researchers therefore concluded that up to 30,000 rippled listeners are not enough to defend the redemptorist. This, although related to the media, demanded the response of the public prosecutor, decided that it is not worth it to personally report the matter.

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