The public prosecutor's office will not deal with PO advertising signs about the father of Rydzyk – Koci

The District Ministry of Centrum-Zachd is not concerned with advertising billboards as part of the "Konwj wstydu" campaign, drawn up by Platforma Obywatelsk, which was written "Tadeusz Rydzyk receives 94 million of subsidies". The prosecution was not looking for a social interest in extracting people from the office.

As part of the campaign, PO politicians want Poland to show how much money has ended up in PiS policy. One of the billboards will also contain the image of father Tadeusz Rydzyk, the founder of Radio Maryja. Next to it is an inscription: "Tadeusz Rydzyk gets 94 million of subsidies!".

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"Nasz Dziennik" a publication of a letter to the National Public Prosecution Service, which the readers could fill out and send, with the request to handle the cases. "Please note that the preparation and presentation of a billboard in public places and in the media on which the image of Father Tadeusz Rydzyk CSsR, director of Radio Maryja, and false and erroneous information on the content: Tadeusz Rydzyk will be 94 million of the subsidy Shame, give money back, it can be a criminal act With the above in mind, I ask you to take care of things, "said the prepared letter.

Dzi "Nasz Dziennik" announces that such letters were sent to the Attorney General Zbigniew Ziobra about 30 thousand. However, the public prosecutor's office does not start a procedure from the office.

"the aliens approached the issue formally" – we read in the family edition of the magazine. – It has been recognized that the injured party may, if he so wishes, conduct the private act of accusation. The perpetrators of the injured party will not report anything – said Bartosz Wieczorek, prosecutor of the Toru Centrum-Zachd district.

– It was assumed that the injured person is active in public life, as well as in legal transactions and has the ability to bring such private convictions to the right court himself – adds Wieczorek.

The religious self says that accusations of billboards are "ordinary kamaz". – Enemies of the church and enemies of Poland are irritated by the fact that we have a voice that they have no influence on – judge.

rdo: Nasz Dziennik

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