The rescue of PIJATA men also costs! WOPR demanded the return of the share costs

– You must make it known. This is extreme irresponsibility – said Przemysław Matczak, president of the WOPR in Lubieniawice (Lubuskie province) in an interview with the portal, while he published photo's of the action to save drunken men. He explained that the costs of rescue and reconnaissance are from 3 to 10 thousand. zł. The president also announced the recovery of equity costs.

– We fulfill this function socially. People do not take responsibility, they laugh in our faces. We will send you a letter for reimbursement. If they can not be repaired and will not comply, we go to court. The fact that we will demand a higher amount in court – Przemysław Matczak, the president of WOPR in Lubniewice, announced in an interview with

Matczak adds that he wants to make such things known to make people aware of what 'extreme irresponsibility & # 39; can cause.

Totally drunk they came into the water

In the Telewizja Republika studio, the vice president of the WOPR central council, Paweł Błasiak, explained how often alcohol is associated with terrible events.

– We see the problem in the lack of basic learning to swim and to learn to respect water. There are many preparation options. The pool is completely different. When it comes to swimming in the sea, the bottom often lacks – the guest has started.

– This year the water in the sea, lakes and rivers is warm. The higher the temperature, there are more victims. If the village chiefs start organizing baths, it will be much safer. The vast majority of drownings occurred in unguarded areas – the indicated statistics.

– Overestimating your possibilities is the most common reason for drowning. If alcohol is added to all of this, and therefore a greater sense of courage, we have almost completed a tragedy, he explained.

– Once a lifeguard was connected with swimming trunks and a whistle. We are currently in possession of specialist equipment. that is, motor boats with platforms or kayaks adapted to provide assistance – he said. He also emphasized that every resort must have a container with a rope, a special first aid kit and a motorboat.


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