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On Wednesday, the candidate for the president of the capital of the nomination of the Civic and Modern Platform Rafał Trzaskowski on the site of the Szybka Kolej Miejska station in Szczęśliwice, presented the assumptions of the program "Capital of better communication". In response to Friday's staff Patryk Jakiego have submitted a notification to National Election Commission about the violation of the electoral law by agitation in the municipal company.

According to the chief of Oliwnik Kubicki's staff, "during the election campaign in Warsaw the limit was exceeded, which should not be exceeded, so we will inform the National Electoral Commission about possible abuse and exceedances by the election team of Rafał Trzaskowski". – It is unacceptable to use the assets of all residents of Warsaw for the campaign of one candidate – stated during the conference prior to the submission of the notification to PKW.

The spokesperson of the staff Jacek Ozdoba remembered art. 494 pairs 1, which reads: "Whoever, in connection with the election, conducts election campaigns: 1) in the offices of the state administration or the local government administration or tribunals, 2) in the field of workplaces in a way and in forms which are their normal disturbance (…) is subject to a fine. "As he argued," was the press conference of this form (of agitation), and, moreover, the urban company was the field of work. "

This is unacceptable, because here undoubtedly there is a situation of appropriation of the municipal enterprise for election purposes, therefore we ask the chairman (PKW, Wojciech Hermeliński – PAP) to check this situation, who has made the decision about the possibility of political unrest in the buildings of the company, which has given the decision, that possibly employees of this company participate in the organization of this conference, which law the candidate of the Civic Platform and Modern Platform dressed in a lawsuit directly related to this company, the logo of a municipal company used without being legally authorized in connection with this entity, nor with .St. Warsaw – said Ozdoba.

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