The tragedy in Dar³ówko. The savior talks about the action. "The most difficult was the view"

On Friday, August 24, the funeral of three brothers and sisters took place, drowned in Dar³ówko. According to the provisional regulations of children, two boys aged 13 and 14 and an 11-year-old girl went into the water despite the bathing ban. Their mother had to take care of a 2-year-old child and a tragedy followed.

TVN24 spoke to aid workers who participated in the action in Dar³ówko. One of them is Andrzej Stêpowski, the president of the Poviat WOPR branch, Dar³owo S³awno. – I have been a savior for 36 years. There were difficult actions. There were also those that I would not come back to. (…) There was no such situation, that there would be so many victims – he said.

As Stêpowski said, checkers checked all possible places in the area, looked between piles and palisades.

Lifeguard about the action in Darłówek: The most difficult was the opinion of this girl

It was Stêpowski who was the savior who seized the body of an eleven-year-old from Darłówko on the third day of the search. The body, as he recalled, was found near the spot where the girl was missing.

The hardest thing was to see this girl alone. (…) I had sleepless nights. The face of this girl … It has lasted a few days, the water is hot, so the changes took place on the face. I found her photos on the internet. I wanted to know what she looked like when she was alive

– he said.

The savior also appealed to respect the red flag, which means that the bath is forbidden. In his opinion, it would be possible to prevent at least 70 percent of cases of drowning if people were to keep the bathing ban.

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