The voivode becomes the new minister of education?

– Sipiera is very enthusiastic about this position, and it is possible that he receives it – says the Law and Justice politician, similar to the prime minister's chancellery. The reconstruction of the government, which will come after the municipal elections, is linked to the recommendation of the PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński. – He decided that all politicians of his party, who will apply for the mandate of the European Parliament and currently fulfill prestigious public functions, must resign before they enter the campaign. The point is that there should be no charge that they use public functions to promote their own person.

The changes will take place soon after the municipal elections – we hear. Anna Zalewska, the current minister of education, opens the list of Lower Silesian PiS in the elections to the European Parliament, so her departure is already a matter of months. – The accession of Sipiery to the position of Minister of Education is to give his political career a boost, it is about increasing the chances to take a place in 2019. Currently, although he is a voivode, he is unrecognizable – we hear.

The Mazovian voivode became especially famous for its participation in pl. Pilsudski was a monument to Smolensk. Sipiera first removed the powers of the curator of the main monument, which was unfavorable for this location and transferred them to the provincial office. He also took over the management of the square and then gave permission to erect a monument there. He is also known for the struggle to delve the names of streets in Warsaw, including the People's Army, or the Łazienkowska route for Lech Kaczyński. .

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