The weather at the end of the holiday will calm down. This is the forecast for every day

The holidays are slowly at the end, but still not all went on the expected holiday. If you have left the trip for the last days of the holiday, you have to check what the weather looks like at that moment.

Weather forecast for the last holidays

From Monday, August 20, we notice a slow decline in temperature. Summer is still going on, but you can let it go. The 4th week of August will be pleasant and cool in Poland than the previous days.

Again at the end of August – 22/08 – 26/08

  • roda 22/08/2018 – in the rod for a few moments back, which is almost all begging. In some places there may be special storms, in the north.
  • Thursday, August 23, 2018 – Thursday we are about to go to about 20 degrees Celsius. We can expect fleeting rain throughout the country
  • Pitek 24/08/2018 – nice and warm in the afternoon, although in the south of Poland you can complain about too high temperatures. In the west of the country you can expect rain and storm
  • Saturday, August 25, 2018 – Saturday will treat us with beautiful, cloudless air and pleasant temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius
  • Sunday, August 26, 2018 – a storm front is expected on Sunday, Poland, that will be from the morning in the west of the country to the north. East of the country can expect rainfall in the afternoon and around noon – high temperatures.

Weather for the last week of August – 27/08 – 31.08

Weather forecast for the last week of August should please those who have already been tense. At least for a moment, because on Thursday soc is likely to eat us.

  • Monday 27.08 – the start of the week is a pleasant coolness and showers throughout the country
  • Tuesday, 28.08 – Enjoy a little and a little during the day on Tuesday, the temperature will rise
  • roda 29.08 – in the country also without precipitation, in the west it gets hot – even up to 30 degrees Celsius
  • Thursday 30/08 – On Thursday, the heat will spread over most of the country, leaving only a pleasant walk in the south of the region
  • Pitek 31.08 – weather forecast for Friday 31 August predicts the return of volatile rain and cooling to 20-25 degrees.

The weather at the end of the holiday

That is why a nice time is being prepared for everyone who wants to benefit from the last days of the holiday. The weather does not keep us busy, it will please the fans as well as those who prefer the days. Owl – for every man. Let's just look at it!

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