The wife of Władysław Frasyniuk criticizes Agata Kornhauser-Duda

Magdalena Dobrzańska-Frasyniuk, the wife of the legendary oppositionist of the communist era, almost 30 years old, was asked about her evaluation of the activity of the First Lady. – During the election campaign we saw an intelligent, determined, active, speaking woman, and then the campaign ended and suddenly – just like with the president Kaczyński – we have a very different character. And this is my personal claim on the first lady, because this is not just the function of the "husband" – the wife of Agata Kornhauser-Duda told Władysław Frasyniuk on the portal

– If I thought of Ms. Agata Duda in a positive way, I would think she was embarrassed. And that would at least be minimal. But if it is not that he is ashamed, it means that he simply lied to us all. They too – summed up the President in mercy with Dorota Wysocka-Schnepf on the portal

Who is the wife of Frasyniuk? The Poles met Magdalena Dobrzańska-Frasyniuk in February 2018 when she reported the detention of her husband by the police. Frasyniuk was taken out of the house in handcuffs around six o'clock. The case concerned an incident that took place during Smolensk's counter-manifestation on 10 June 2017. Dobrzańska-Frasyniuk runs in Wrocław: a day nursery, kindergarten, primary school and music. She graduated from international relations and journalism at the University of Warsaw. He is the second wife of Władysław Frasyniuk, the couple met about ten years ago. The woman then worked in the Freedom Union news agency and the Fasyniuks had the son of an Antek.

– I've grown accustomed to being in a family for years. My first wife paid a terrible price during the martial law because she was involved with me. I thought I would live alone, eventually I would end up in a retirement home. And suddenly a big woman appeared who had me in her grip. I am very happy. Only now I discover what the family is – said Władysław Frasyniuk in Gala & # 39; – Intelligent, smart, sexy blonde, very involved in public affairs – he counted the benefits of his wife in his "Newsweek". He likes to say: "the blonde covered him".

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