There are no "disciplines" for notaries who are suspected of linking to the usury news and information from the country

In May arrested four notaries of the coast and one of Warsaw suspected of criminal offenses related to the award usury loans and extortion of real estate of people who find themselves in a difficult life situation. They are all presented 120 supplications with regard to, among others, non-compliance with obligations to obtain financial gain and assistance with fraud.

If we know the stage of this procedure, have information about the number of charges and the activities of notaries, we are shocked that the House sees no reason to initiate disciplinary proceedings, even on the basis of media information – praised Bialik.

The notarial chamber in Gdańsk claims that there is no evidence to start the procedure. It is not true that if the House were interested, it would certainly receive such evidence – said Public Prosecutor Bialik.

As she added, the public prosecutor provided full information on arrests and charges as part of the procedure. She noted that the information was provided by the prosecutor's office to "appropriate councils of notary rooms, ie the Council of the Notary Chamber in Gdańsk and the Council of the Notary Chamber in Warsaw, because these were the notaries who were registered as persons who functions ".

According to PAP, the public prosecutor's office informed the Chamber of Gdańsk in May about suspected notaries. Subsequent information was sent in June and July.

while Notary Council of Warsaw in response to the public prosecutor's office – as explained by the public prosecutor Bialik – she vaguely asked for a copy of the documents. The public prosecutor responded with a request to clarify the request – Said the public prosecutor.

In the media, Katarzyna Ogonowska out Council of the notary chamber in Gdańsk she pointed out that the description of the offenses committed by notaries was forwarded to the notary by the public prosecutor, but without specific notarial deeds.

After she had sued the prosecutors, she wanted the five notaries to be temporarily arrested. The court, and then (after questioning the interlocutors), the court did not take into account the request of the public prosecutor. Recently the investigation of notaries went to the regional prosecutor's office in Gdańsk.

During the procedure 400 people were injured. According to the findings of the public prosecutor, lenders have collected houses and apartments for people who borrowed. Losses are estimated at PLN 22 million. They participated in surfing online portals in search of desperate people who need loans. They also found them thanks to announcements on the board in the town hall about the auction of debtors.

These people offered money. They promised assistance with paying off their debts – at banks, loan companies or simply with a housing cooperative. What more they owed to their houses and apartments. At that time, the usurers offered real estate loans.

Loan agreements were concluded for three to six months. The interest rate was apparently favorable – it was 10-20 percent. What the lenders concealed in the complicated terms of the contracts even amounted to 80 percent.

In notarial contracts, lenders forced the debtors to agree to the fact that they can check them and other members of the household without any proxies.

Contract records took the so-called strictness of execution. In practice the possibility to immediately throw people out of their apartments.

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