There is a detention center for men who have closed the child in a washing machine

Two men were arrested for allegedly abusing a two-year-old child. What they thought was funny, internet users found pathetic and immediately reported to law enforcement agencies. Minister Ziobro became interested in the case.

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The men closed the two-year-old in the washing machine

On Friday there was a video to the network, where you can see a little boy who is trapped in a drum from the washing machine. The child cries and you hear male laughter in the background. The authors of the film seemed so funny that they decided to share the recording with internet users. The response did not have to wait long. The police who found the family quickly came into action.

We received the request on Friday. The police officers determined who the parents of the child were and went to their place of residence. In the apartment, the officers found a 2-year-old boy and his 21-year-old mother. They were both taken to the hospital. The doctor who examined the boy did not report any injuries to him – says in a conversation with a police spokesman in Radom Rafał Jeżak.

The guardians of the child are being held

As reported by the website, the child's mother explained that the shot had been taken while she was working, and the boy was being cared for by friends. In connection with the admission, the police arrested the 18-year-old Adam B. and the 22-year-old Tomasz K. The eldest of them was a cohabiting of the mother of the child. They were arrested for two months by court order. Both men are accused of child abuse, for which they are threatened with a maximum of 10 years in prison.

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