There was an official about hitting the Polish citizen: I did it in desperation and elation

"I was released from desperation and exuberance," said former Voivode governor Dominik Arendt-Witchen in a statement in the media.

Deputy Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus published a video from the profile, where one of the demonstrators was beaten as during the veterans' day celebrations on Saturday at Piłsudski Square in Warsaw. A group of demonstrators gathered in the square and shouted "constitution". At one point the lawyer of the Lower Silesian governor for the centenary of the restoration of Poland's independence, Dominik Arendt-Witchen, approached the railings where they stood and gave one of the demonstrators a slap and said: "Keep your head , stupid babo. " The recording shows how the assembled people ask for the intervention of the Marechaussee.

I admit that I was indifferent to the destruction of the ceremony and the majesty of the ceremony in honor of those who fought for the freedom of Poland and to let myself go. I did it in despair and elation – wrote Arendt-Witchen, who also "regrets" because of the situation.

According to Arendt-Witchen, the film that shows how a member of the citizens of the Republic of Poland slaps "only a fragment of the whole situation." Earlier – as she wrote – "emotionally but culturally" she asked protesting people "to calm down", declaring that the heroes are ceremonies of veterans, soldiers and prisoners of concentration camps. The woman, indifferent to these words, became louder and louder and drowned out by the president's speech – She added.

According to her, none of the local services responded. I suspected that no one would intervene, although disrupting state ceremonies was a criminal offense – She pointed out.

She also remembered that she had already suffered some of the consequences of her act. I hope, however, that this unfortunate situation will be a stimulus for a refreshing reflection that will enable us all to celebrate the next 100th anniversary of independence with dignity and together. – she emphasized.

On Sunday, the Voivode of Lower Silesia announced that Dominika Arendt-Witchen withdrew as a Plenipotentiary from the celebration of the century of independence.

In a statement, Arendt-Witchen also emphasized that she participated personally during the celebrations on Pilsudski Square, and not as a representative of the proxy. She reported that she was a volunteer of the World Union of Home Army Soldiers for 11 years. At that time – as she wrote – many veterans became her friends. It is a close relationship, based on hours-long conversations, to get to know the personal, often very tragic stories of these people. I have come to know the specificity of age, their sensitivity and needs – She pointed out.

She added that the function of trustee for the celebration of the century of independence, the voivode entrusted to her, among others because of her relationship with the environment of the veterans.

September 1, 2018 (…) when a cry arose behind the obstacles, many veterans, especially those from abroad, did not know what was going on. There was a very unpleasant nervous atmosphere. The veterans asked what was going on. I saw tears on the face of one of them – Arendt-Witchen wrote.

She also stated that she is not a political party and that she does not intend to be elected at any level.

MEP Scheuring-Wielgus asked on Sunday via Twitter to report the incident to the head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Joachim Brudziński, stating Art. 217 of the Criminal Code. "A person who encroaches or otherwise violates the physical integrity of another person is liable for a fine, restriction of liberty or deprivation of liberty up to a maximum of one year" – wrote the deputy. You have to identify a supporter of a "good change" – added the deputy, who addressed the head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration.

In response, Brudzinski condemned the "physical aggression," but he also pointed to the earlier aggressive behavior of the demonstrators. I absolutely condemn the striking of the disturbing (re) state celebrations of an aggressive lady. The person who hit the # ObywateliRP representative was reported by @PolskaPolice. The answer to verbal aggression can not be physical aggression – the head of the Ministry of the Interior wrote on Twitter.

On Monday, Jarosław Kaczyński filed a private indictment against the former representative of the Voivode in Lower Silesia, who gave a blow to the representative of the citizens of the Republic of Poland. "The permission of my client for such actions and the relativization of these actions is not permitted," he wrote on Twitter.


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