The question was extremely simple: "What would you like to do as president of Słupsk?". The answer was not so specific anymore. Beata Chrzanowska opted for a monologue and it seemed that at one point she was lost in what she said. Ultimately, of course, she gave no concrete answer to this simple question, although the journalist did not ask her about specific assumptions, and even about what she wants to do for the inhabitants of the city.

I would particularly like to say that we are going to the group in the team. So the group of people who go to the city council for council members is important. Of course, the program is also important, Słupsk is the most important as I said, so we will concentrate on what is important to our city. Discussions of all kinds in formal, informal groups, work in the council, in the club gives me the right to say that Słupsk really needs change. And these changes are related to both the functioning of the office itself and the city. It is difficult to talk about details here, these details will be placed in the paper version and on the website, so that you can get to know them and of course after five years I can arrange my ideas.

– replied Chrzanowska. Looking at the expression of Grzegorz Schetyna, we can get the impression that he could not fully understand the intentions of his own candidate.