They beat their neighbor brutally. They have passed it live on the internet

A group of young men decided to gain popularity in the network in a scandalous way. On their Youtube channel (profile names are deliberately not given), they are broadcast live when they enter the older neighbor's apartment. The video shows how the people of Gdańsk dine at the door of the apartment. – Take him on the doorknob – we hear it. In their conversation you hear more blasphemy than normal words. At one point the men decided to enter the apartment of the old woman. – He went into the cabin, he is in his house – comment the other participants in the incident, without hiding his amusement. At one point, one of them hits the man with his fist with all his strength. A little later we learn that the neighbor had to call the police because of the noise of the apartment of the authors of the recording. In the background there are words about the confidential advisors and penalties that must be met for reporting. In the further part of the shot, one of the men urinates through the window of the house.

"Degeneration of the world view of celebrities"

The recording was found on the internet by the Racist and Xenophobic Monitoring Center, whose activists reported the entire incident to the police. The perpetrator's apartment was based on the information provided. A patrol went to the place and spoke with the victim. Nobody has stopped yet. "The video shows how the degeneration of the world view penetrates deep into people who become online celebrities and they see nothing reprehensible in the sense that they beat a neighbor while broadcasting on YouTube," the OMZRiK representatives emphasize.

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