They closed the child in the washing machine. The SO can deprive the mother of the parental rights

Recording with a child trapped in the washing machine caused waves of indignation in Poland a few days ago. In connection with the cases, the police arrested two men in Radom – 18-year-old Adam B. and 22-year-old Tomasz K. As reported "Echo Dnia", they were accused of accusing themselves of a two-year-old child, who was ten years old. visa threatens. When the men recorded the video, the 21-year-old mother was not at home.

Now one of the men has left the custody of the bail, and if the mother has limited parental rights, sd will decide. According to TVN Warszawa, the Radom-Zachd District Prosecutor has sent the court "detailed signaling of probing to a family situation".

– We have serious doubts, as a center for crisis intervention, with regard to teaching skills and emotional maturity in terms of being mother in relation to this lady, mother of a trafficked person who has been abused in such a cruel way – said the director of the Center for Crisis Intervention in Radom on TVN 24.

Radom. They closed the child in the washing machine, the mother was assigned a guardian

– For this reason we have asked the court about the situation in the justification, which states that leaving the child in the care of this lady poses a threat to the health and life of the child. This is our opinion. Here there is no interest in the mother's fate by the mother, and that is why we think it should be taken away, fixed in the placement – he adds. The director of the center also draws attention to "media statements for women". – The statements of this lady, media people, in which no interest exists, take care of the child, and always protect the perpetrators of this act. it's great for me. A child who has been traumatized, it will not be without significance for his later life – he states.

For now sd assigns a 21-year-old curator who will visit her every two weeks. Arkadiusz Guza of the court in Radom said in an interview with TVN Warszawa that the preliminary analyzes of the probation officer did not reveal any irregularities in the functioning of the family. – Here, however, the problem is more applicable to those people who have locked the child in the washing machine – he said.

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