This is not the end of the shocking findings of Cenckiewicz! People from SB and ZOMO work in the City Hall of Warsaw!

Shocking applications from a specialist from the history of Poland and Germany. Professor Bogdan Musiał, in conversation with Katarzyna Gójska on television, the Republic stressed that the Germans had no knowledge of war crimes committed by their compatriots. – Knowledge about German crimes on Poland is not good – said Prof. He must have been in the W-point program.

A former prisoner of the German camp Auschwitz, Karol Tendera, filed a lawsuit for the ZDF in 2013 with the term "Polish extermination camps of Majdanek and Auschwitz & # 39; in the information on its portal about the planned edition of the documentary program. In December 2016, Krakow's court of appeal ordered the German station to place apologies on the homepage of its website for the use of this term. The verdict was final. Last year, a cassation complaint was filed by ZDF plenipotentiaries against the verdict of the court of appeal of Kraków. In October last year, the Supreme Court decided to accept this cassation complaint to be heard during the hearing, and awaits the appointment.

The German courts dealt with the maintenance of the apology and eventually it came to the federal court (BGH). He ruled that the verdict of the Krakow District Court – recognizing that the German ZDF should apologize on its website for the use of the term "Polish extermination camps" – can not be enforced in Germany, because it is "a clear violation of the fundamental right on freedom of opinion ". media. " The verdict was passed on July 19, on Tuesday it was published by BGH.

The guest of the program "W Punkt" on TV Republika was today prof. Bogdan Musiał, specialist in the history of Poland and Germany in the 20th century. In an interview with Katarzyna Gójska, he criticized the decision of the German tribunal. As he noted, it is inconceivable that the extermination camps were German and not Polish.

German judges get involved in Polish affairs without having a full idea of ​​what is going on in Poland. They become involved in the impulse that the rule of law is in danger. From this judgment it follows that "Polish extermination camps" are an expression of opinion, which is an abuse. The fact is that the German extermination camps were

– he said

Professor He must have admitted that Germany also has a clear problem with the historical story. It is mainly about German crimes committed on Poland. In short, our western neighbors know little (or do not want to know) about the black past of their nation.

They see Poland as partly responsible for the Holocaust. In Germany, the knowledge of German crimes on Poland is practically weak. The German historical story is limited to the Holocaust, that is, to the extermination of the Jews. There is no room for a crime on Poland. This is the main course of the story.

– summed up the historian.

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