Tragedy in Darłówko. Funeral of Kamil, Zuzia and Kacper. "Rest in peace, angels [ZDJĘCIA]

Funeral in Sulmierzyce.
Funeral in Sulmierzyce.

Tragedy in Darłówko. Today in the parish church in Sulmierzyce, there was a funeral of tragically deceased brothers and sisters: the 11-year-old Zuzia, the 13-year-old Kamil and the 14-year-old Kacper. The latter way was supervised by parents, family members, friends, school friends, teachers and city authorities. The funeral started at 11 o'clock.

Tragedy in Darłówko. All of Poland is shocked by what happened on the Baltic Sea on 14 August. The three brothers and sisters who came with their parents and younger brother, at one point they were kidnapped by the waves. The 13-year-old Kamil was brought ashore on the same day, but after being transported to the hospital, he died. His brothers and sisters – the 11-year-old Zuzia and the 14-year old Kacper were found over the weekend.

Today at 11 o'clock in the parish church in Sulmierzyce the funeral of tragically deceased brothers and sisters took place. The final road will be accompanied by parents, relatives, residents of Sulmierzyce, city authorities and friends and teachers from school.


Time 13.15 Coffins with brothers and sisters were buried in the cemetery. – Rest in peace, Angels – write friends of children on social networks.

Time 12.40 The funeral procession reached the parish church in Sulmierzyce. That is where the tragically dead brothers and sisters will rest.

Hours 11.55 The Holy Mass has ended. Soon the funeral procession will go to the cemetery

Hours 11.45 hours At the funeral of three tragically deceased brothers and sisters, crowds take part.

Hours 11.20 – Dear parents, we will not leave you alone – assures the priest.

Hours 11.15 – In the final test of religion, Kacper wrote that Jesus is an example for him. He learns that good evil overcomes. He teaches that everyone who believes in him – victory – says the pastor.

Opening hours 11.05 – We are sincere with the parents of deceased children. We want to support them in the tragedy that has struck them said the priest.

Time: 11.00 The holy mass begins. Three crates stand in front of the altar. The church gathers already mourners – family, friends, inhabitants of Sulmierzyce, children.

Hours 10.35 The town council of Sulmierzyce decided to say goodbye to the dead brothers and sisters in a moving way.

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