Tragedy in Darłówko. There is a reaction from a bishop. This letter will be read in many churches

Today on the beach in Darłówko the body of a teenager was found – it is probably a 13-year-old whose disappearance with her 11-year-old sister and 14-year-old brother was reported by the mother of children on Tuesday. The bishop of Koszalin-Kołobrzeg, bishop Edward Dajczak, sent a special communiqué on this issue, which will be read in all parishes of the diocese on Sunday.

The boy's body was found today near the eastern breakwater in Darłówko. Confirm whether the 13-year-old body is wanted will give identification. Yesterday the body of the girl drifted about 200 meters from the breakwater. This is probably the sister of the 11-year-old boy.

Last Tuesday, on the beach in Darłówko West, my mother reported the disappearance of her three children, boys aged 14 and 13 and an 11-year-old girl. According to the police, the woman would just leave them out of sight and go with the youngest child to a nearby toilet. On Tuesday, relief workers got a 14-year-old from the sea. Reanimation was effective, but the boy did not survive the next day – he died in the hospital in Koszalin. The search for two lost children was started.

The tragedy that befell Darłówek was responded by the bishop Koszalin-Kołobrzeg, Edward Dajczak.

"A message about the tragic event in Darłówko on August 14, 2008, in which three brothers and sisters of Wielkopolska died kidnapped by the sea, moved me deep. I ask merciful God for eternal salvation for tragically deceased children and for the grace of strengthening and peace for their parents, I ask everyone to pray for their intention during the Sunday Eucharist In our prayers we also remind those who lost their lives this year in tragic events "

– in a special communication through the hierarchy

Bishop Dajczak & # 39; s message will be read Sunday in the masses in the churches of the Koszalin-Kołobrzeg diocese. In his short letter the priest also appreciated all those who showed their help and support

"Great recognition is given to those who helped the victims at the time of the incident and continue to do so in different ways. expression of our responsibility for each other and the manifestation of charity "

– wrote Bishop Dajczak.

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