Trzaskowski appears regularly in TVP & # 39; s news program & # 39; s

TVP Info informs about the activities of politicians in relation to their activity; the candidate of the Citizens' Coalition as president of Warsaw appears regularly in TVP news program "s

– assured the head of the television information office on Twitter

PO politicians announced that they would be a Monday submit an application to PKW for inspection activities on "illegal promotion and agitation activities" conducted by TVP in favor of the candidate for President of Warsaw, Partyka Jakiego. The MP PO Michał Szczerba let it know Saturday.

As the MP pointed out, referring to the report of the "Polityka w sieci" portal, in the last 30 days, the number of Patryk Jakim's notes on TVP Info TV, on social networks, "calculated the value of the advertising exposure is estimated at more than 605 thousand. dol. "

He added that at the same time the same indicator for the official candidate of the Civic Platform for the office of President of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, was 81 thousand.

This means that on public television that is financed with taxpayers' money, that must in principle be objective, apolitical, unparalleled more broadcasting time on social media is spent on the candidate of the ruling party than on its counterparts

– PO MP assessed.

According to him, the activities of public television are "absolute abuse."

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