Trzaskowski: Do not believe that Varsovians will be able to accept Kaczyński – Local elections

– We will win these elections, and then we will win the parliamentary elections and deal with the PiS with the destruction of the constitution and take us to the edge of Europe – announced on TVN24 Rafa Trzaskowski, OP candidate for the President of Warsaw.

Trzaskowski, who according to probes is still the favorite of the presidential election in Warsaw, but the difference between him and Patryk Jak Wat decreases (from the last Kantar Millward Brown poll for "Fakt" TVN and TVN24 it was claimed that Trzaskowski 37 percent of the votes in the first round, and What – 34 percent), however, will indicate that it is already a few months ago and "probes will be close" and "everything will be decided at the last minute".

Nevertheless, he believes in victory because he "does not believe that Varsovians will be able to handle Jaroslaw Kaczyski for the third time".

– They wanted to choose Beat Szydo, they chose Jaroslaw Kaczyski, they wanted to choose Andrzej Dud and chose Jaroslaw Kaczyski – he said, referring to the 2015 elections, when the PiS president would be less visible during the election campaign and the faces of the PiS when the current president and the prime minister.

Trzaskowski will reject this abduction of his campaign for the campaign of Bronisław Komorowski, who – despite being the favorite of the presidential election – will eventually lose the battle with the PiS candidate, Andrzej Dud. – We know that the battle will be greatly eliminated – he emphasizes.

According to the latest Kantar Millward Brown survey for "Faktw" TVN and TVN24, more respondents rate the Patryk Jakiego campaign (41%) than Rafa Trzaskowski (36%).

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