Trzaskowski has a guts! Mrs. Bożena (the one of the door who is stuck) is a friend of "Rudej z KOD"

Rafał Trzaskowski started the action "Open Door For Warsaw" to stick the door with tape. Internet users burst out laughing and watched more videos from PO and .N candidates for the President of Warsaw. After action # RobotaRafała Trzaskowski started to translate. Now Cezary Tomczyk came into action – he was also laughed online. Moreover, it turned out that Mrs Bożena – who had stuck to Truskowski on the trees – was a friend of "Rudej z KOD", who regularly disturbed meetings between residents of Warsaw and Patryk Jakim.

As we have already written, PO and MODERN candidate for the presidency of the capital Rafał Trzaskowski had to open the door on the first day of the "Open Doors For Warsaw" campaign. Instead of opening them, he decided … to glue them together. This is the result of a visit to an elderly lady who has invited Trzaskowski to her flat.

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Less than two hours have passed since the publication of the film with the "DIY master Trzaskowski" on the internet there are many memes with the hashtag #Robot Rafał, and the hashtag itself became a real hit.

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Trzaskowski could not resist responding to his slip and being questioned by Justyna Pochanke in Facts after Facts. he told us "how it really was".

Today Cezary Tomczyk took the action.

I have a last-minute message for you. I got it from Rafał Trzaskowski three minutes ago

– He started.

He received a text from Mrs. Bozena, who we were yesterday, and this content, which I will show, is: Mr. Rafale, thanks for the professional who has repaired the window. Thanks also for catching her on the journalists when she was flying straight for me. The glass holds tight and I keep my fingers crossed for you. It was nice meeting you

– Tomczyk said in "Political Graffiti" Polsat News.

Today Rafał Trzaskowski sent a professional who replaced the window at seven o'clock in the morning. The case has been settled

– he added.

Laughter in the network. And the end of jokes can not be seen …

Moreover, it became clear who Bożena is.

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