Two people who would corrupt Paweł Adamowicz were arrested by the Central Anti-Corruption Agency

Two people who would corrupt the President of Gdańsk were arrested by the Central Anti-Corruption Agency. According to unofficial information, it is known that the case is related to the purchase by Paweł Adamowicz of three apartments in one of the residential areas at a lower price. The detainees are the representatives of the developer.

Entrepreneurs heard accusations of so-called active corruption of considerable value – Radio Gdańsk Ewa Bialik from the National Public Prosecution Service in Warsaw. However, it is not known how many bribes it is.

In this case, the President of Gdańsk has not heard any accusations. The research is being conducted by the Lower Silesian Branch Office of the National Public Prosecutor's Office in Wrocław. Paweł Adamowicz posted a statement on social media in connection with information about detentions by the CBA. He let him know that he did not accept any financial gain from anyone, and no one offered him such an advantage.

He added that the prosecutor had already handled the case, had cashed it – I can not resist the temptation that the activity of the public prosecutor is not coincidental and possibly related to the upcoming local elections – wrote the mayor of Gdansk, who has already announced the start of the next tenure.

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