Walesa about 500 plus: it is a pittance. What does Rafalska say?

Lech Wałęsa posted a message on his Twitter profile, in which he encouraged to report on the so-called Volunteers of free elections that watch over the correct course of local elections. "You see what this power finances, they think they will bribe the Poles with 500 zloty to create waves of nepotism and an insolent lie alone," wrote the former president.

The Minister of Labor, Family and Social Policy Elżbieta Rafalska decided to accept the entry. "It is sad that for Lech Wałęsa, the father of a large family, 6000 PLN per year for one child from the program" Family 500 plus "is a pittance.Would this waste help your family and you do not have to search for other sources? ? – wrote the PiS politician, Deputy Prime Minister MRPiPS Stanisław Szwed said that the former president's statement is nonsense and completely independent of reality – the 500-plus program is highly appreciated in society and helps many families. many people out of poverty – he said in an interview with "Super Express".

"500 plus family" – the flagship program of the current government assumes financial support of 500 PLN per month for the second and subsequent child, regardless of income. Persons who meet the criterion of an average monthly income of PLN 800 or PLN 1200 in the case of raising a disabled child will also receive help for the first or only child.

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