Walesa with the CODE, Morawiecki with "Solidarity". Departments on the anniversary of August 1980

The symbols are important on the August 1980 anniversary. Like the historic gate of the Gdańsk shipyard, where it all began. And the traditional separate celebration of the anniversary of the winning strike.

The leader of that strike – Lech Wałęsa – celebrated Friday morning with the politicians of the Civic Platform and the Modern Platform. Solidarity celebrated the prime minister and the president in the afternoon. In the same place – in front of the monument for the fallen shipyard workers.

– There is always a place for Lech Wałęsa. Since I was the chairman of the national committee, I always waited for Lech Wałęsa to come to this ceremony – the president of NSZZ "Solidarność" Piotr Duda remembers.

Celebration in the shadow of division. This is the 38th anniversary of the August Accords. They gave rise to Solidarity. Today her former leader Lech Wałęsa celebrates the CODE and the opposition. And the current solidarity – with the Prime Minister and the President.

The agent's issue

But the leader of the strike of 38 years ago and the first leader of "Solidarity" will only participate in the official celebration on their terms. – Before I apologize to the perpetrator of my "agents", we have nothing to talk about – says Walesa.

Lech Wałęsa probably will not count on this, because for many of his former employees of the August strike this would be a distraction from history.

– If we want to erase the past of Lech Wałęsa, it is also his positive past – claims Andrzej Kołodziej, a signatory of the August Accords, an activist of Solidarity.

The dispute moved to the historic port of the shipyard, where Friday COD activists suspended images of famous August figures with the suggestion that those involved in the opposition would be murdered today. In the afternoon, Solidarity activists removed portraits. All.

Activists of the Democracy-Defense Committee suspended portraits of signatories of agreements, including, among others, Lech Wałęsa, Anna Walentynowicz and Tadeusz Mazowiecki at the gate of the Gdansk shipyard on the 38th anniversary of the signing of the August Accords. On …

Still current postulates

– I usually think of "Solidarity" as a certain group hero – the prime minister said during the ceremony. Mateusz Morawiecki participated for the first time in the presentation of the Shipyard 4.0 project, or the future of the cradle of "Solidarity" after the takeover by the Treasury.

In the BHP hall of the Gdańsk shipyard, where the August agreements were signed, Morawiecki said that the PiS government is the first to conduct a genuine social dialogue and to treat Solidarity as a partner.

But the leader of the union used this moment to remember that the postulates of August 21 from the historical table are still current, because some are still waiting for the fulfillment.

– Postulate 21: free Saturdays. And we fight for free Sundays and not for everyone – explains Piotr Duda, chairman of NSZZ "Solidarność".

This generation has won a victory, but it also requires new solutions – said Lech Wałęsa during the celebration of the 38th anniversary of the 1980 agreements. He stipulated that "building a new reality under these circumstances is very difficult." On …

The wind of history

The strike at Gdańsk shipyard first and foremost caused the creation of Solidarity. That is where the road to freedom began – not only in Poland, but in all communist countries.

Even if the simple workers did not know it then, as Antoni Załęski had done then, they felt that they were making history. – Joy, joy. Even today I look at Lech Wałęsa, for example, to ride on this gate. That would be nice. I think it will be so, "he says.

On Friday, the crowd in Stocznia was smaller than then, and the emotions were different. COD activists disrupted the flourishing of trade unionists and rulers and later moved to the center of Gdańsk in March.

At the same time, a solemn mass was celebrated in the Basilica of St. Bridget. This was the only time that Lech Wałęsa appeared alongside his political opponents.

Author: Jan Błaszkowski
Source: TVN facts

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