We found bro and the car of the attackers in Janki

The car was found in one of the streets of Warsaw. The police officers also reached the owner of the vehicle. During the auction, he ensures that he has no idea of ​​the purpose for which the cars were used. SUV, false license plates were installed at the time of the attack.

In addition, bro was found in the vicinity of the robbery site. According to the police officers there was no shot fired. Posuya only as a bogey.

For the time being, officers do not announce how many attackers there were. – We are conducting a lawsuit to determine the exact course and offenders – said Ewa Szymaska-Sitkiewicz of the press team of the police headquarters.

Theft in Janki – how much money has been stolen?

They attacked in Janki on Wednesday, August 29th. Freemasons came to the parking lot in front of the mall. They attacked two Chiczkw, who were not good at a nearby bank.

Up to ten thousand zloty, even a million birds.

Will the future police look like this? An inconspicuous car is an advanced robot

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