When are the hearings with candidates for judges of the Supreme Court?

The date on which the hearings with the candidates for the Supreme Court Onet.pl commenced has already been announced on 11 August. The portal referred to the information of the vice-president of the national court, judge Wiesław Johann. The interviews are held in four teams. Each team is responsible for candidates for one of the four SN rooms. The course of the discussions will not be made public. As the RMF FM reporter Patryk Michalski points out, the decision that the hearings are kept secret can lead to controversy. The conclusions drawn on August 20 go to the General Assembly of the National Court Register. On this basis, it will be decided whether a certain candidate will receive a positive opinion.

The European Judicial Council Network (ENCJ) acknowledged that the new national judicial register no longer meets the independence requirements and is politicized by many Polish judges. ENCJ considers the exclusion of the Polish organization from the National Court Register. The plenary meeting scheduled for 17 September in Bucharest should be dealt with.

On 1 August, the website of the National Council for the Judiciary published a complete list of candidates applying for vacancies in the amended law on the Supreme Court.

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