Where are Macierewicz and the Subcommittee Smolensk in office? Not on the MON

CSince Antoni Macierewicz has been out of government since January, little has changed so far in his life. The former head of the Ministry of National Defense still used the government limousine and continued to work in the building in ul. Klonowa in Warsaw, or the Ministry of National Defense. The Subcommittee of Smolensk also had its seat there. However, the subcommittee is now being implemented.

– Antoni will do a lot for Poland – said Jarosław Kaczyński, president of PiS, on the 70th birthday of Macierewicz. These words were read as an announcement of the return of the former minister to a more prominent position. Why was he discharged from the Ministry of National Defense? – I can not talk about it now – said the PiS chairman mysteriously.

And although Antoni Macierewicz is formally outside the government, everything looks like he is still in it. He still drives in the limousine of the government. He also stays next to the chancellery of the prime minister, in the building of the Ministry of National Defense at ul. Maple. The Smolensk Subcommittee has its seat there to date. She really did it.

According to Radio Zet, Antoni Macierewicz and the entire Subcommittee of Smolensk are moving to a new location. The subcommittee will have its headquarters in Wola, near the Powązkowski cemetery in ul. Kolska. It is located there, among others, one of the buildings of the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Antoni Macierewicz promised that his subcommittee on the eighth anniversary of the Smolensk catastrophe would report on what is the truth & # 39; about this tragedy. It ended with the presentation of the "technical report" that even TVP Info did not think it was important enough to broadcast.

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