Who after Zalewska? Three candidates for the position of Minister of Education

The fact that Zalewska will not always be the head of the Ministry of Education was already known from the beginning of her work in ministry. Her choice for this position was a surprise – she went to the Ministry of Health and as a deputy, even though she is a Polish teacher, she did not even belong to the parliamentary education committee.

For the liquidation of secondary schools, she was promised a "one" in the elections to the European Parliament. Why would she be removed now? When the ram was reformed, he was no longer needed. And the liquidation of secondary schools is not as smooth as the minister explains. – This is not well received by teachers, so it is better to mention it and show that we are opening a new opening – we hear it in the PiS. The profession of Zalewska is no longer required, not only by the Polish teachers' union, but also by the so-called "Solidarity", which was favorable to her.

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