Who is Kaja Godek? He explains who is responsible for pedophilia in the church

KGod's face, the face of a pro-life fight, answered the question of where pedophilia comes from within the church. In her opinion it is the fault of the sexual revolution, for which the left is responsible. We did not believe, so we decided to ask Kaja Godek to explain these words that caused general outrage.

Why do you consider sexual revolution as the beginning of pedophilia in the Catholic Church?

It is only a summoning of facts. The postulate of sexual rights, including the sexual rights of children, comes from the propagators of the sexual revolution. Pedophilia combines with homosexuality and homosexual lobbies to try to enter different areas of Church activity, and gradually apply tolerance for practicing homosexuals.

We can see that where such a thought permeates the church, there is a problem with pedophilia. This is the problem of the non-purification by the church of the gay lobby.

With the fact that the sexual revolution is the sixties and with the problem of pedophilia, not only in the church, people struggle much longer.

Left-wing activists play a major role in pedophilia in the church, but they do not want to clean their own ranks. Why did the leftists not condemn Asia Argento, one of the women involved in the #MeToo action, who committed the abuse of a teenager?

I do not hear any voices of divorce from the Green Party's Daniel Cohn-Bendit statement in Germany, which could tell in the air that when he undresses a 5-year-old, it is a fascinating experience.

The same applies to the sex education standards of the WHO, which are a pedophile document. It is simply written that children have to learn sex. There was also an obligation to learn about effective contraception for nine-year-olds – it is assumed that they will be in a situation where they should use it. Left-wing circles promote pedophile documents and on the other they shout loudly about this phenomenon in the church. Pedophilia is located in different places and especially on the left.

As far as the world of show business is concerned, I have never seen it as a source of moral values, unlike the church. Someone who speaks about purity, love for the neighbor, does no harm, and yet he is a perfidious company with a minor.

Does the victim worry about being raped by a priest or an actor? In both cases the child has been harmed. It is disgusting to justify the pedophile behavior of celebrities with the lack of moral authority. There is a criminal law and everyone should be responsible for their actions.

Of course, I agree that criminal law applies to everyone. In the case of pedophile priests, however, their hypocrisy is eye-catching.

I will repeat what I have already written on Twitter. If there is pedophilia in the church, it is a deviation from the doctrine. In leftist environments, pedophile actions are the result of free thinking about sex – especially the belief that a child should develop sexuality from an early age.

There are countries, such as Germany, where compulsory sex education is based on the fact that children are encouraged to engage in sexual activity from a young age, and parents who do not agree, are brought to justice. The state supports pedophilia. When similar ideas enter the church, pedophilia also appears. However, you must know the source.

But is it not the case that the man depends on whether he transforms these ideas as an invitation to pedophile activities? A healthy person, irrespective of what environment he would not live in, will not undergo any degeneration, because children learn their sexuality.

So you can say that pedophilia is all right, but it depends on us, what shall we do with it?

Nobody says that pedophilia is in order.

How is it not? Which leftist politician is disowned of, shall we say, Cohn-Bendit? Who distanced themselves from the WHO's sexuality education standards, whose introduction to schools is simply sexual abuse of children? How can someone enforce such standards and at the same time stigmatize the position of moral authority, pedophilia in the church?

An interesting example is the Canadian Liberal Vice Minister of Education Ben Levin, who ordered extremely tolerant sex education for children in schools and eventually turned out to be a pedophile.

Do you think of Daniel Cohn-Bendit as the ideological voice of the left? On this old recording this man looks like he was under the influence of intoxicants and just raves.

It is not about my assessment. It is a matter of praising sexual contact with kindergartens by a leading representative of the German and European left. There was no distance from what he said. In 2012 he visited Poland at the invitation of the Palikot movement and met the politicians of Poland who are active today.

Why is there no criticism of the excesses of Cohn-Bendit? From our garden – why did Robert Biedron not want to have control over the Municipal Cultural Center in Słupsk, where the pedophile probably snooped around? A prominent LGBT activist hiding the pedophile scandal?

Contemporary links are infected with pedophilia. Where she managed to get into the church, the problem of pedophilia also appears with the clergy.

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