Why did you kill the son of Leszek Miller?

Leszek Miller Jr. & # 39; s body found the partner of Katarzyna on Sunday morning. The son of the former prime minister hanged himself in his room, on the first floor of a house near Warsaw, where he lived with Katarzyna and daughter Monika.

Miller did not sleep with his lover. They reasoned Saturday night. After the argument, he went upstairs to his room.

Researchers prosecutors and policemen say there is no indication that the cause of death of the former prime minister's son was anything other than bumping into one's own life. "We have not even found a trace that would indicate a cause other than suicide," a high-level policeman told us.

"In the end you can rest"
Monika Miller inquired about the death of her father on the internet. "I'm sorry for all of you … I can not run my Instagram now, I promise I'll come back when I treat all of this … You can finally rest in peace now daddy … (Finally you can rest in the room of my father) "- she wrote.

– This "in the end" is striking, but it was – a person from the circle of the former prime minister tells us. – I was not surprised by this information. We knew that the young people have problems, that he had been depressed for years, he had problems with alcohol. Because of this, his marriage fell apart – they tell us in SLD.

Young Miller was married to the Ukrainian Irena, with whom he had common interests. But the relationship ended in divorce after the last couple of really bad years, although the details did not get out of the way except "whisper". In 2006 they left. Because the badly beaten Irena Miller ran from the house to the street and begged for help. The neighbors called an ambulance and the woman was taken to the hospital. However, she did not ask for the persecution of Leszek Miller Jr.

The doors opened in business
Young Miller grew up in the 1990s and did not go into politics because his father advised him not to. He bet on things.

As SLD politicians remember, Miller junior enjoyed it & # 39; the son & # 39; to be. He liked it and saw it open the door. To be honest, these were also times when business people, big names tried to get it, it was – says us a key SLD politician from those years.

Miller junior started in 1996 with cooperation with Sobiesław Zasada as vice-president of the company Fly & Drive – including taxis at the airport of Okęcie.

Then he went to the board of KGHM Polska Miedź, where he became a proxy for capital matters. Later he was attracted to the bank of a friend of the Polish School of Economics Piotr Majchrzak. Yes, Miller began working at the Berkeley Bank in England and he joined her on the board of commissioners of Bolmar Zakłady Przemysłu Płuszczowego. Then came Polteks' supervisory board, which tried to build the Manufaktura center in Łódź.

Leszek Miller junior went into business like a storm. – He loved good company, acquaintances with billionaire Gudzowaty, Lw Rywin, warszawka, these climates. That is why Leszek sent him to Florida for a language fair. He was afraid that the youngsters to the "red prince". would go – remind politicians of SLD.

Moreover, my father advised the youngster not to show brilliantly in the salons because it would end badly.

In 2007 the investigation of the public prosecutor was reported, which was described by the & # 39; Dziennik & # 39; – the suspicion related to Miller Junior and his wife Irena on money laundering. Net Irena Miller was screened as the beneficiary of a multi-million dollar profit. In the background figures appeared from the front pages of newspapers: the former baron SLD, ie the head of the Pomeranian buildings Jerzy J., billionaire Ryszard Krauze and the mysterious fund Transcontinental Fund Limited of the Bahama Islands. The investigation ended with nothing.

I did not have enough time for my son
The former prime minister, as his friends tell us, has been worried about his son for years. He loved him and it was his only child. But sometimes he hinted that it is bad that there are problems – says the SLD politician.

Another remembers: "He somehow threw himself on the floor and sighed in one way or another, it had to be fresh after some problems with his son." He said to me: "Oh, I would have more children and daughters can have to be there. Because daughters are always better, they would now give help and protection. And so … "- Miller's former colleague tells us.

The prime minister himself admitted that he spent too little time on his son. – I have a lot of resentment because my child too often had a key in his neck, and I think I did not give him as much time as I should – he said on Polish radio. In an interview with Vivy, he emphasized that the family had the greatest value for him. – I saw my responsibility for my family. For many years, career was the most important thing for me. That is probably why I solve my granddaughter so infinitely. I want to rehabilitate myself in this way – said the former prime minister. And he added: "For a man the birth of a child is a turning point, then he begins to sacrifice his sovereignty for another person, but he learns it slowly.This is a process – years are deposited as rings in a tree. …

The funeral of Leszek Miller Jr. took place on Saturday in Żyrardów.

Where can you find help in crisis situations?

If you need immediate assistance, you can submit an application to the Crisis Intervention Centers (OIC) in each major city. You can get psychological, legal and material help there. Part of the OIK is open for 24 hours and runs night shelters, for example. HELP is free! You do not need insurance.

If you have persistent and strong suicidal thoughts, you can also visit a psychiatric hospital. No health insurance is required. In case of emergency (if you say this is an urgent matter), the doctor should take you the same day.

Free emergency phone line for adults: 116 123 (open every day, from 14:00 to 22:00). Free emergency phone line for young people: 116 111 (open every day, from 14:00 to 22:00). A list of aid organizations can be found at www.samobojstwo.pl

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