"Wypier ***, Szczecin do not want you" – a homophobic attack in the city center. What is the police?

The Sunday event organized by the LGBT community in the city center was brutally disturbed by a group of men. They had to behave aggressively, destroy rainbow decorations, and shout hateful slogans. The police quickly dealt with the case, but no one could stop. Emotions grow closer to the first March of equality in Szczecin. The event takes place on 15 September and evokes extreme emotions. From many statements of support to remarks full of vulgarity and hatred.

"Wypier ***, Szczecin do not want you" and slogans that refer to sexuality

The association "Równość na fali" and "Lambda Szczecin" invited Szczecin people for the project "Syto and attractive on the best street in the city". As Monika Pacyfka-Tichy of the Lambda Szczecin Association said many hours, the event was very successful. You can try homemade dishes, use the advice of specialists or take part in workshops and animations for children. The disturbance was, however, disrupted by an unpleasant incident: – A group of aggressive, well-built men in hoods ran up, there were seven or eight. They screamed vulgar slogans and began to destroy our decorations. These were rainbow flags and colorful umbrellas on the street – says Monika Pacyka-Tichy. – We quickly started recording because they fled. We called the police. Fortunately, nobody has happened – he adds.

The police made sure that on ul. Rayskiego already a few minutes after the incident. Activities are under way: – The intervention was carried out after a group of men attacked a picnic in the center of Szczecin. Devastation had happened. Currently the evidence is secured, including monitoring. No one has yet stopped – says Mirosława Rudzińska from the headquarters of the provincial police in Szczecin.

The parade will be professionally secured

The attack on Rayskiego Street, as well as some hateful remarks on the internet, ask us if the organizers of the Szczecin Equality Parade, which takes place on September 15, do not feel a threat in an aggressive national environment. Monika Pacyfka-Tichy praises the police and admits that she has not had a physical attack on people involved in this kind of marches for years. He counts that Szczecin will be the same: They will not startle us. They can scream a little, and we will only say that we love them and invite them to join us – says the activist. – So & # 39; n mars will be with us for the first time, but I participated in dozens of such initiatives and they are usually very professionally protected by the police. Each march has a countermanifestation, usually organized by football fans, nationalists or conservatives – he adds.

In an interview with our portal, the head of the All-Polish Youth in Szczecin claimed that there are currently no plans to organize counter-demonstrations.

About the case of an attack on ul. Rayskiego already says national media. The recording of the attack could also be found on the website of the Center for Monitoring Racist and xenophobic Behavior.

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