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On Thursday begins the plenary meeting of the National Council for the Judiciary on the assessment of candidates for the judges of the Supreme Court; the first part of the session concerns the personnel of the disciplinary chamber SN and the punishment chamber. The scheduled meeting for 23, 24, 27 and 28 August will take place outside the order before the holidays. Initially it was planned to hold the plenary session in early September, but – as the chairman of the National Court Register, Leszek Mazur said on Wednesday, "the work of the teams gave rise to consider that the candidatures have been properly worked out".

The Minister of Justice, questioned on TVP Info about the Thursday meeting of the Council, said that "KRS responds to the need of the moment". "In this situation, due to the continuing obstruction and obstruction of changes and reforms we carry out in the administration of justice, there is no disciplinary chamber, which is the culmination of disciplinary proceedings before judges and prosecutors," the Minister noted.

"We can not accept the state of insecurity in judging judges and prosecutors who happen to commit serious violations," he said. He stressed that "the chamber has the power to waive immunity in case the public prosecutor would plead and request a temporary arrest of a judge or prosecutor." Therefore, as he estimated, the House should "be planted as soon as possible" for these reasons. In his opinion, the national register behaves "rationally".

When he was asked about the opposition's allegations that the hearings with the candidates were not public, he stated that "this is a rather funny complaint". "The opposition says that the model and ideal was the National Council of the Judiciary that formerly functioned, after all that work of the NSCs was kept secret, and the principle was that it did not question candidates who applied for the positions of the judges of the Supreme Court "- he noted.

"I ask you from Platforma, Nowoczesna, all total opposition and mainstream media: do not you see if you are blind, that there is a change for the better, KRS work is generally how it works + in gremio +, in its entirety, and it was The work of teams also won (…) – previously the teams did not listen to the interested functions at all, and now the principle is that everyone who is interested has the right and the opportunity to to express (…) and this is also a positive change, certainly "- he added.

The plenary meeting of the national court register, which should be broadcast, possibly to the exclusion of the public in fragments of sensitive data, for example health data, will be kept without listening to the candidates. The plenary session on Thursday and Friday concerns the release of functions in the disciplinary chamber and the criminal court of the Supreme Court. Next week, on Monday and Tuesday, the Council will deal with the staff of the extraordinary control room and the civil chamber.

At the end of June, the president's announcement about vacant positions at the Supreme Court was published in Monitor Polski – there are a total of 44 vacant vacancies. Approximately 200 candidates submitted applications. Individual applications were handled by the KRS teams to make recommendations to the entire Council, which will take decisions in the plenary session. The final list of candidates goes to President Andrzej Duda.

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