18-year-old Xavier Wiśniewski became a RAPER. He released his first song: “I always call you when I LIE DEEP ON THE BOTTOM” (VIDEO)

Xavier Wiśniewski it is the fruit of unity Michał Wiśniewski I Mandarins. The couple got married on the Pole in 2003 in front of viewers of a memorable reality show I am who I am. Viewers had the chance to see what the wedding of one of the most popular couples of the era really looked like. While the relationship hasn’t survived the test of time, Michał has managed it ever since change spouses three more times, the singer and his ex maintain a correct relationship and take care of two children together: Fabienne in & nbspwłaśnie Xavierem.

Today the singer’s eldest son Three of them is already 18 years old. In June, the teenager celebrated his adulthood in the obligatory company of his father, mother and his new lover 48-year-old, with whom the musician will soon be the first (fifth for him) child.


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Probably no one will be surprised that Wiśniewski junior has inherited his musical talent in his genes. Until recently, however, Xavier tried his hand as a writer to later take on the role of his father’s assistant in the end he chose music. Now Wiśnia junior wanted to prove himself as a rapper and present his own rapper to the world the ability to “wind”. On Friday, Xavier’s new song premiered on the 18-year-old’s Instagram profile, rapping about the gray prose of life and the ailments faced by today’s teens. As with most modern rappers, Xavier’s voice has been completely rewritten by automatic tuningwhat as a result makes it difficult to understand the lyrics of the song.


You only see as much as I have put online, participation in the great march, I wanted to run away for a long time, but I don’t want to wander around in this gray city anymore – & nbsp sings, referring to Warsaw.

Based on the text, one can get the impression that Xavier – despite famous parents – is behind him difficult experiences that shaped and strengthened his character. To raperski etos.

I had a long way to go, here in my life where I was on the verge of thinking about my life – & nbspnawija.

In the chorus, the aspiring rapper refers to a close person (maybe Michał?) Who he always helps him when he is “at the bottom”.


These stars fell on me


Do you think Xavier “Wisniv” Wiśniewski has a chance at a great career as a rapper?


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