A breakthrough in the Magdalena K. case Will be extradited to Poland

The Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic decided to deport Magdalena K. to Poland. The woman would become the leader of a band of hooligans in Krakow. The charges against her are very serious.

The arrest warrant against Magdalena K. was issued in November 2018. The woman was also wanted by Interpol. Finally, in February of this year, she was arrested in Slovakia by the Slovak and Hungarian police.

The woman is considered the leader of the Krakow hooligan gang. She is suspected of drug smuggling, among other things.

Now the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic has decided to expel K. from Poland. Earlier, the defendant’s lawyers applied for asylum in Slovakia, but the court rejected this request at the end of September. In the end, after another appeal against the decision, the court ruled that the European arrest warrant could be applied to the woman. As a result, the 32-year-old could be held liable for her actions in a court in Poland.

The gang led by Magdalena K. was made up of Cracovia hooligans. Under her command was a group of several dozen people involved in drug trafficking – including cocaine and marijuana.

Researchers say group K. may have smuggled drugs from the Netherlands. It is more than five tons of marijuana, worth more than PLN 88 million, and cocaine, worth about four million euros.


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